Perhaps you are interested in the services we provide and would like to meet us in person, but you live on Mars?
Well, never mind: it’s not a very long journey and we’ll guide you.
Once you are through either the Spock nebula or the Solar Fields, keep flying straight ahead for another 2 million
km and you’ll get to Gavirate, 40 via Rovera, exactly where we are. Ring the bell and leave your spaceship in the
cark park within: we will be pleased to welcome you with a steaming cup of coffee, to us earthlings one of the
most popular beverages !

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ComLab S.r.l.
Administrative/operative offices:
Via Rovera 40
21026 Gavirate (VA) Italy
Legal office:
Via Castello 24
21020 Luvinate (VA) Italy

Tax code & VAT 02497820122

I authorize the use of my personal data in compliance with the art. 13 del D.L. 196/2003