The Purple Cow, a purple-coloured cow

The Purple Cow is not about MILKA.

So we won’t begin with “once upon a time milk and cocoa begot a nice Swiss chocolate bar…

Although in the 60s the Suchard chocolate company did indeed pick a fine purple hue to mark their
brand identity, and to date their iconic Milka-branded lilac cow is still with us.


The Purple Cow – a book you can read in a jiffy.

The Purple Cow in question is actually a book by Seth Godin, first published by Portfolio in 2003.
Through its full title “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable”, Seth Godin goes
through several corporate case studies with short, captivating chapters, providing much fascinating food
for thought for those who need to embrace change in order to face ever different market challenges.
A well-know marketing blogger and the author of many best-sellers, he want us to ask ourselves: What
do multinational companies like Apple, Google, Ikea or il macellaio italiano Dario Cecchini have in
common, and your company has not? or even more explicitly: “You’re either remarkable or invisible”.

You can easily read a hint between the lines: open yourself to criticism, taking risks and trying new
approaches. An overcautious attitude, a tendecy to hole up in one’s comfort zone, will not do; so “chance
it” rather than “play safe”, at least if you mean to come out on top. Of course, you may end up making a
mistake…but it is a challenge worth taking up, both to enhance your company’s success and to find out
your own weak spots.


To be read preferably by the end of 2018!


Having read “The Purple Cow” , we recommend you do so too, and by the end of the year, mind you,
because PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet has been named colour of the year 2018 – a colour suggesting
originality and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.

To receive a free copy of the book just click here .