A great testimonial for an irresistible promotion

One day we were contacted by Samsonite—they asked us to design a window sign for a line of
hardside luggage intended for multibrand resellers all over Italy. It wasn’t exactly a product
launch, nor was it supposed to sound like an explicit promotion, since that was to be managed
direclty by resellers. Our task was to focus on the collection and its distinguishing features; but
first and foremost, we were to find out the proper way to draw the attention of a very diverse
target, namely the sort of people you would find in a shopping centre. The communication we
envisaged focused above all of the technical features of the product, imagined as superpowers
given to an ordinary office worker. Thus we discover its two most important qualities, lightness
and sturdiness, as represented by the texture of Firelite’s own hardside shell, underneath the
shirt of a superhero poised to cut through the sky, ready to keep our belongings from harm. A
Samsonite suitcase is more than just a suitcase!


June 6, 2017