Reggiani Arti Grafiche

Paper butterflies to shape communication

In the 70s Reggiani was among the first companies to introduce desktop publishing in their
workflow; nowadays they are poised to meet allo sorts of requirements, however diverse, plus
they can also take care of the bookbinding and packaging stages. Indeed, they churn out
hundreds of thousands of different products every year: novels, comic books, schoolbooks,
magazines, periodicals, catalogues and price lists. When they asked for our help they pointed
out the importance of addressing each type of client in a specific way—each of them should feel
that Reggiani can provide a solution tailored to their problems. So before tackling a new
company profile and a new webiste, we carried out a nationwide survey of their competitors,
studied their target, examined the extent of their output and paid heed to their salespeople’s
fieldwork. This led us to realize that there are three major kinds of potential customers in this
particular industry; we then divided the site into three main corresponding area, one for those
are looking for equipment and technology, one for people who need a reliable printing service,
and another for all those who just want to browse all products and categories…. the new layout
designed by ComLab is meant for all of them.


February 7, 2018