Time, the best judge: passion and tradition in an ever-innovating company

People at Manconi & C. are wont to say that time is on their side, not just because of their 50-year history, but also to emphasize thay they intend to challenge their competitors in the field of
their foremost feature of their products: their lifespan. Manconi’s meat slicers require less
maintenance; fewer spare parts are needed; besides, there is an additional source of savings: a
lower amount of slicing scraps. We are particularly well acquainted with their products; indeed,
sense-checking and ensuring reliability are definitely values we have been sharing with Manconi
over time. We currently design and update their price lists, new brochures, invitations, and
mailings; we also provide effective, attrative communication during trade fairs, consistent with
their corporate image.


February 7, 2018