Taking care of the present while envisaging the future

Commerciale Sanitaria Lombarda has been in business since 1983. They supply a wide range
of healtcare products and medical devices covering may diverse applications: from sterile
dressings to hospital beds, from surgical instruments to medical appliances. At first we
supported them in the painstaking task of rearranging and reoganizing their product catalogue,
a move intended to make it easier to look it up and place an order. Later on they asked us to
redesign their logotype, a qualitative decision connected with the adoption of a new corporate
image, something even CSL considered necessary. As accuracy and simplicity combine to

redesign “who we are” and “what we do”, they realise it would never do to neglect this aspect.
We shall now have to rise to a new and fascinating challenge: they just asked us to design and
develop their new e-commerce website.


February 7, 2018