The prestigious style prioritising technology and innovation

Particularly demanding people expect a lot from their home as well as from themselves. The
look of their must match their environment, in addition to being suitable for everyday use: that is
why they choose Bauknecht. This brand is part of Whirlpool Corporation together with Whirlpool,
Indesit, Hotpoint and others; its distinguishing feature is high-profile design. Our job in this case
usually involves designing catalogues or adapting point-of-sale materials, where we have to
strike a balance between brandwide guidelines and the kind of specific communication required
by local markets. Keeping communication inherently consistent as well as consistent wuth the
directives of the client’s brand team is a complicated task; still, over the years we have been
able to win their confidence—to such an extent that we are now an official partner of Whirlpool


June 28, 2017