Launch of new Manconi production

From October 20th to 24th Milan hosted once again the yearly International Exhibition of the
Hospitality Industry, appropriately dubbed “HOST” (pun intended, we expect). Its tag line is “where hospitality meets business”: a meeting place and a great, comprehensive showcase for
the entire HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café), food service, retail and large-scale distribution industry, the largest such venue in the world. More than 2,000 exhibitors from about fifty countries were present, and so were Manconi, of course, which has been taking part in this exhibition for over three decades renting particularly large stalls. Of course, to visitors HOST is mostly an opportunity to learn about new products and evaluate market trends, whereas to exhibitors like Manconi it is essentially a must to introduce new
products, new technologies and so forth. Mind you, when it comes to a company like Manconi, coming up with ‘something new’ is quite a challenge when you think that they have been making professional meat slicer and nothing else ever since they entered the market. One might then ask, what real changes has this year brought about?

HOST 2017: what's new in the Manconi stand

For the 2017 edition of HOST Manconi had a surprise in store, and in their stand they placed it in the spotlight as the gem of the collection: the prototype of a fully automated meat slicer. A jewel they are particularly fond of, because it epitomizes the owners’ favourite slogan, “improving the present and bringing the future closer”. A touch screen enables the operator to define the sort of cut required and store the relevant parameters for later use as well as providing immediate access to a number of features including diagnostics, instructions for use and maintenance, WiFi connection and custom configuration—and they are already thinking of adding an optional conveyor unit for an automated tray packaging system. A first-
rate slicer if
ever there was one!

Introducing a revolutionary solution.

In view of this, we got a call in early asking us to work with them to launch what they described as far more than just technological evolution—a truly revolutionary solution with a remarkable business potential. They went over every detail with us, emphasizing all the benefits of such a device. Looking back on how they came to conceive this jewel, they also explained which requirements their distribution network appeared to express. They were very keen on the great new model—and we were son infected by their enthusiasm! So we immediately started to think of a way to communicate to potential clients the importance of visiting HOST (to be held in October) and the Manconi stand—we designed a double teaser mailing.

Green light for creative proposals.

A first idea for a surprising and captivating teaser was a kind of conjuring trick, sort of “Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention please? What shall we pull out of this hat? Hey presto… Come to think of it, one of Manconi’s line of meat slicer had been called “Kolossal”, a German word Italians often use to describe an epic, spectacular, big budget film—so why not opt for something like “Coming soon… From the creators of Kolossal Dual, a new product by Manconi”. The stand could be made to have the appearance of set, including a director’s chair, popcorn buckets bearing the Manconi logotype, and the prototype of the new slicer in the limelight as the new star.

A (brain) teaser—a quiz, a quick check, and there you are with the real solution.

People at Manconi, however, are well known for their high professionalism and the pragmatism which is typical of Lombard entrepreneurs, who value loyalty and straightforwardness. They often remind us that they ‘mean what they say’. Thus for their teaser they chose our most sober proposal: a mass-mailing quiz whose solution they will provide during the exhibition. They appreciated our suggestions, describing the questions as intriguing and smart, only requesting a shorter, more direct quiz to make sure as many addressees as possible would actually take it. Then, their salespeople decided to dirt their hands—they actually took the quiz to make sure all numbers and formulas were correct. To think that we had made it deliberately complicated, like those in puzzle magazine! Now a little bit of magic wouldn’t come amiss, so we settled upon an emotionally compelling development! After some camera work for a short video clip, coupled with a highly evocative audio track, we prepared an introductory leaflet and two newsletters. Finally, we got in touch with the stand assemblers to have the walls of the stand decorated in line with the launch.

In July, a new exciting request.

While we were already on the home stretch, Manconi’s international reseller asked us to envisage a guided access to the Manconi website through the company newsletter, so as tobeef up their visitor database. Therefore, we studied a navigation path leading from a link within the mailing message to a form providing separate options for those who intend to visit Manconi’s stand at HOST and for those who, while interested, won’t be able to attend. As we expected quite a lot of people to fill in the form and actually take part in the exhibition, we also designed a voucher to be handed out during the exhibition: visitors getting their voucher at the stand will be able to enjoy a free food sampling, thus fully matching HOST’s tag line “where hospitality meets business”.