About pictures

Speculating that society was soon going to be characterised by a massive amount of images was just the beginning. We have been literally flooded by images ever since. Who’s been fiddling with the horn of plenty? Advertising, fashion, sports, show business, television?

Nowadays even them are relegated to the background. We have the web, multimedia galleries, social networks, chats… where sharing a picture is easier than sharing an explanation and even a quotation from Socrates’ works may go viral!


Web sites: seeing vs. reading


Web sites are just as affected by the dominance of images. After all, one is much more likely to hear “Have you seen their web site” than “Have you read what’s in their web site”. We are all perfectly aware that if we are to acquire a thorough understanding of a given company we should not skip the usual sections, “About us” and so on… On the other hand, we end up by watching rather than reading.

We check whether they offer the product or service we are looking for, whether they do have the sort of equipment necessary to process our products…and if we are satisfied by what we see we decide to get in touch with them.


The paramount role of pictures


When it comes to describing a manufacturing process, showcasing a production plant or portraying the members of a team within their office, a well-planned photoshoot will ensure the uniqueness that stock photos from image banks cannot provide. True, they have become cheaper lately—but the lack of distinctiveness remains.

The same applies to still lifes depicting products: you must have the same lighting, viewpoint, background and so on, for it is the only way to obtain an even look in your web pages, thus projecting order and reliability.


Images which will make a difference


During the last few months we have been in charge of developing a number of web sites; we have also been able to offer our clients a number of dedicated photoshoots, both on the premises (to illustrate manufacturing processes) and in our studio (still lifes).



Admittedly, the secret of a good photo shoot lies in an direct and open-minded relationship with the client who will spend several hours with us in a sort of corporate guided tour.

They are the ones who can lead us to discover and subsequently photograph the most remarkable aspects of the manufacturing process; it is then up to us, to our expertise and sensibility, to work out the most appropriate composition style or the best exposure to capture and bring out those details that will make a difference.