A year ends, another will soon begin

It is that time of the year again—when you have to take stock and something just doesn’t add up.

Quite often, when you try to assess which goals have been attained and then move on to those that remain for the future, you usually end up by discovering that there are far too many of the latter—you would need more than 24 hours in a day and yet time and tide wait for no man. A new year is ushered in and as soon as you actually get accustomed to saying and writing ‘2019’—all of a sudden you find out it’s December 2019.

Oh well… join us for a round of drinks and soon we shall toast the new year. May the year ahead be the one where all your dreams come true!



In view of the recurrent character of this occurrence, consisting of a mix of events, work and ordinary life, we asked ourselves whether we were suitably poised to cope with the forthcoming year.

We tried to jot down our resolutions for next year—and the result was a sort of cross-talk we are now going to summarize for you. While not directly connected with the current workflow, they do provide an insight into our team.


Wishes and Resolutions, as expressed by our staff


Some feel they need to take more time for themselves;

Some would like to give more time to other people.


Some wish they were able to stop complaining;

Others think they simply need a more creative way to talk to those who just won’t listen.


Some would love to stop smoking;

Some who never did smoke in the first place would be happy to lose their wager and smoke once in a lifetime, if they could only be able to keep their desk tidier.


Some hope they will be able to face problems with greater calm and ease;

Some would feel calm and peaceful if only they could enjoy more stability.


Some would like to learn how to make life easier;

Some, having two small children, would happily settle for a good night’s sleep.


Some would love to get rid of all the unnecessary things they somehow piled up during the years and live a simpler life;

Others would rather do everything with the same painstaking care one devotes to what one really loves to do.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


As you can gather some of us are keen on minimalism and some on maximalism, some favor straightforwardness and some sophistication: yet be assured that we can boast a fine team chemistry enabling us to work toward a common goal!