2018 current trends

Giovan Battista Vico’s theory of recurring cycles in the history of civilization… we all know about it, don’t we? But a similar phenomenon does affect fashion and trends as well—graphic design included. People come up with something new, maybe harking back to the past, maybe dusting down or retrieving a pattern.

Who never said with Ecclesiastes, “Nothing new under the sun– this has already been done…” ?

Likewise, who never regretted discarding a garment long ago only to find it’s now back in fashion?


Graphic design trends :what's in, what's out.

In graphic design, too, trends come and go; some go out of fashion, others are all the rage fro some time and then vanish. Many trends only boom because of technology advances. Others become popular if “laymen” adopt them, because creatives would then immediately forsake them and start looking for something more refined… or more snobbish.



Graphic design trends in 2018

After this introduction, let us examine this year’s most popular graphic design trends.

A short list would include: dual tone, split page, serif fonts, flat design, double exposure… got it? No? Well, not to worry, of course English terms predominate, but opportunities appealing to one’s curiosity abound.

We’ll do something different then: we’ll guide you along the way from curiosity to knowledge while explaining one one of this year’s hottest trend in graphic design, namely, double exposure images.



Double exposure as a source of inspiration

Time and again we noticed lots and lots of images where the double exposure technique had been used—and the more we saw them, the more intriguing we found them. In the end we came to regard them as an excellent source of inspiration to design there visuals required for a project. We’d been racking our heads to devise suitable visuals for a product line where the request was to illustrate three major areas—involving no fewer than three relevant aspects each, namely, a plausible scenario, a typical user profile and the benefits connected with using the product being advertised. As you can see, the concept of double exposure led us to the solution!


What can be better than double exposure

Double exposure images led us to consider an interesting development, i. e. superimposing several images to create the right combination of faces and landscapes, of profiles and surroundings—the one we were trying to achieve that is.

Graphically achieved with Photoshop masks and layers, double exposure is a technique well known to professional photographers who have long been using it to fix the issues arising from a marked difference in brightness. This typically happens in landscape shots, when the sky above is much brighter than the plane of focus. With photographs, double exposure enables us to obtain a suitable overall exposure rather than having a partially overexposed and partially underexposed areas.

Yet how could we confine ourselves to such a “double exposure”? So as soon as we had our epiphany we tried to best it… This is how the “triple exposure” images displayed in this page were born.

Lots of tutorials to follow